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About Me...

My entire life was around animals.

Growing up, my very first job, at the age of 10, was walking my neighbors dogs. I had so much fun taking them out together with my dog, Blaze.

By the age of 16, I got an after-school job at the local pet store. During that time, I learned more about the care and love between the animals and their humans.

I Started working on a horse farm around the age of 17. I handled that position alongside my other job at the pet store.

Once I arrived to Los Angeles, I naturally gravitated toward working with animals. I never started my own thing but I had the desire and the energy to do it, so I put an ad on Craigslist as a Dog Walker. Little did I know, how this decision will end up changing my life.

As the years passed, I gained more and more experience. Eventually, I found a trainer to apprentice with, which led me to go through the ABC Dog Training school.

On the business side, I expanded and hired other walkers. Together, we grew the company, enjoying the beautiful gift of working with animals.

Fast forward to today. I'm married with two beautiful children and have a flourishing business. I couldn't be more thankful and in awe of my life. I've come far from that day in my tiny apartment with my laptop thinking " here we go" as I placed my very first ad.

We all need to unwind, stretch our legs and be care free from time to time. The dogs are no different. At Shannon's K9s, we provide a safe and fun nature experience for your dogs.

Dog Hiking service available from: 9am–5pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: (424)-744-0719


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